Segni e luoghi

Vita e opere di Lino Bianchi Barriviera (1906-1985)

by Cristina Beltrami

Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche-Canova
Treviso 2004

140 pages
9 illustrations in colour and 28 black and white
cover price 18 euros

ISBN 88-8409-101-2

(Memorie/monografie, 9)

[Signs and places. Life and works of Lino Bianchi Barriviera (1906-1985)]

Lino Bianchi Barriviera is one of the great Italian engravers of the XX century. His name is especially significant in the world of the graphic arts: as well as being a noted engraver he was the author of L’incisione e la stampa originale [The engraving and the original print] published in 1984 following a long academic career. But he was also a painter and draughtsman of considerable ability, as seen in his earliest oils of the countryside around Treviso, his youthful drawings of Verona, the series of etchings of Lalibelà and the Ethiopian “adventure” and his work as “war artist” in the 1940s. The aim of this work is to create a rounded reconstruction of his figure as an artist. He was born in the Veneto, educated in Florence and lived and worked in Rome, though he never followed the artistic fashions of the capital and preferred to develop his own distinctive idiom. For him art was intimately connected with life and existence made up of sincere friendships and tender affections; so much is clear from his portraits and from the direct testimony of comments gathered for this book which, more than an essay in the history of art, sets out to tell the life story of an artist who was fully aware of the choices he made and played a significant role in the cultural life of XX century Italy.


Cristina Beltrami (1973) graduated from Ca’ Foscari, Venice, in Humanities (Art History) in 1998 and went on to specialise in Art History at the University of Udine. From 2000 to 2002 she worked as a guide to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. She has twice organized the Exhibition of Visual Arts. Young Artists at the Circolo Artistico in Venice and she edited L’identità delle arti a Venezia nel Novecento(Marsilio, Venice 2002). She has submitted her doctoral thesis on Italian statuary between 1850 and 1920 in Montevideo.



Prefazione, 9
I. La vita, 11
II. Poetica e stile, 19
III. Lalibelà, 55
IV. Fortuna critica, 65
V. Filatelia e gioielli, 75
Scritti autografi, 81
Ricordi, 95
Cronologia, 97
Le carte di Lino Bianchi Barriviera, 101
Elenco delle opere citate, 103
Bibliografia, 111
Indice dei nomi e dei luoghi, 131