The Céide Fields, Ireland

The International Carlo Scarpa Prize for Gardens 2018

29th edition

edited by Patrizia Boschiero and Luigi Latini, with Seamas Caulfield

Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche

Treviso 2018

196 pages, 196 illustrations in colour and 28 black and white

ISBN 978-88-8435-084-8.

Italian edition: isbn978-88-8435-082-4.

(series Memorie/dossier)



On a hill overlooking the north coast of County Mayo, Ireland, lie the Céide Fields, a site containing the tangible extensive remains of a Neolithic rural landscape conserved beneath a blanket of peat over thousands of years. The 2018 Carlo Scarpa Prize has been awarded to the Céide Fields, which are both an ancient place and witness to contemporary Irish culture, giving us the opportunity to learn more about the profound meaning of the archaeological surveys, the importance of work in the field and education, and the ongoing impact of migration, discoveries, and climate change on the history of the European landscape.

The volume contains 17 contributions, mostly unpublished and written for the occasion of the Carlo Scarpa Prize, with regard to history and geography, natural sciences and environment, management, agriculture, history of landscape and gardens and, of course, archaeology. In addition to a summary of the Carlo Scarpa Prize from 1990 to today, the volume also contains the list of the bibliography collected and available in the Foundation’s library.

Editorial production: Patrizia Boschiero (coordination), Chiara Condò and Nicoletta Tesser (editing and layout). Translations from Italian to English: Oona Smyth; from English to Gaelic Irish: Absolute Translations, London; from Spanish to English: Jason Shilcock. The translations published in the Italian edition of this book are by Daniela Gatto, Monica Meneghel, Francesca Nasetti, Oona Smyth. Proofreading of English texts by Oona Smyth. Irene Beringher, Francesca Ghersetti and Massimo Rossi also worked with the editors on research into and acquisition of bibliographic, cartographic, iconographic and documentary materials.



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The Céide Fields. Motivation of the Carlo Scarpa Prizein English, Gaelic and Italian, 9

Finola O’Kane Crimmins, Walls, Roads, Ditches and Fields. An Introduction to Irish Landscape, 1600-1900, 26

Martin Downes, Céide Fields Area: Past, Present, Future, 42

Seamas Caulfield, Céide Fields and Belderrig Valley: Eighty-Four Years of Research, 55

Gretta Byrne, Glimpses into the Past. Some Natural and Human Imprints Visible in the North Mayo Landscape, 74

Graeme Warren, The Prehistoric Archaeology of North Mayo, 92

Graeme Warren, Geology and Soils in North Mayo, 108

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Martin Heffernan, What are the Influences which Helped Create the Landscape of Céide Fields and North Mayo?, 145

Sara Tamanini, Peat in Landscapes: its Uses, Characters and Ecological Aspects, 122

José Tito Rojo, The Archaeology of Gardens and Cultivated Areas: from Suspicion to Enthusiasm, 153

Massimo Rossi, Words in Maps: Ireland Seen by Cartographers and Writers from William Petty to Tim Robinson, 163

Timeline of Irish Prehistory and History: 8000 bc to April 2018, edited by Seamas Caulfield, 179

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