Naturale inclinazione 2017

Commons, woods, gardens

This year, the series of events dedicated to gardens and organised by the Foundation provides a common perspective on two highly topical themes, which were introduced on recent occasions and that continue to arouse much interest on a cultural and professional level.

Thanks to the results achieved by two scholarships held by the Foundation over the last six months, commons and woods will be discussed once more to update the contents that emerged in the most recent editions of the International Landscape Study Days (On the Return of Woods, 2016, and Prati, commons, 2017) and on other occasions.

In the same line of the natural inclination of Ippolito Pizzetti, a cultured gardener and keen disseminator who inspired the contents of this initiative, Lorenza Gasparella and Serena Savelli will present the results of their research during two public seminars involving other experts and guests.

The woods, commons and the world of nature in general are a great source of inspiration also in Japanese animated cinema, one of the most popular genres among people of all ages. The Foundation will approach this genre for the very first time, focusing on the concept of woods, music and friendship. Gardens will be discussed on the final day, dedicated to a writer and gardener, a friend of the Foundation, and to her very special natural inclination. Through a reading by Lorenza Zambon, accompanied by live music and the creation of a micro garden inspired by the Tuscan garden of Pia Pera (1956-2016), and a video by Maria Cristina Vimercati, we will be able to enter that place, where we can “fantasise without embarrassment”,”contemplate metamorphosis and impermanence” and, above all, feel happy.


Natural inclination is an initiative of Fondazione Benetton, by Simonetta Zanon and dedicated to Ippolito Pizzetti (1926-2007), an enlightened landscape and garden designer, a man of culture and nature, a constant reference point for the Foundation’s work on these themes.