Landscape. Modern and contemporary engraving through views and poetry


The image of landscape, in other words, transposing landscape into iconographic form, is the ongoing subject of many artists’ research. From the view exactly calculated for meticulous rendition to the picturesque essay, from the impression of one’s home town to the horizons evoked by emotions and poetic verses, the physical and emotional merger of nature and human culture brought about by landscape is still a tantalising subject, as evidenced by the works of graphics displayed in this exhibition organised by the National Association of Contemporary Engravers and sponsored by Fondazione Benetton.

Under the theme of the depiction of landscape, the exhibition shows the works of five prominent names of twentieth-century graphics, undisputed standard-bearers for the art print of natural subjects: Leonardo Castellani, Giovanni Giuliani, Nunzio Gulino, Fabio Mauroner and Virgilio Tramontin. A careful, yet moving selection of their most significant works makes it possible to pay homage to the sensitivity and fine technique and aesthetics of the five masters. Their works are surrounded by a roster of talented contemporary engravers, members of the Association, who expound the aesthetics of landscape in visual variants including panoramic horizons, postcards and poetic cues, to illustrate the discovery of the beauty of our landscape, throughout the regions of Italy, led by the enchantment of graphics techniques.