Maredolce-La Favara. A new landscape for Brancaccio, Palermo

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Palermo, Orto Botanico

After three local experiences (Isola dei Morti, 2014; Nel Bosco del Montello, 2015; Prato della Fiera, 2016), in 2017 the annual landscape design workshop organised by the Foundation was devoted to the Maredolce-La Favara complex, awarded with the Carlo Scarpa Prize in 2015.

Thanks to the partnership with the Superintendence of Cultural and Environmental Assets of Palermo, which for years has been at the forefront of the currently ongoing process for re-appropriation, restoration and return of the Maredolce space back to the city, it was possible to conduct the workshop at the site, in the heart of the Brancaccio district, experiencing the happy condition of being able to spend a few days right in the place you are working for, fully appreciating its landscape status and ties to the neighbourhood, in a setting full of contradictions yet extremely stimulating.

The three lecturers who led the work team, Thilo Folkerts (100Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin), Luigi Latini (IUAV University Venice, president of the scientific Committee of Fondazione Benetton) and Tessa Matteini (University of Florence), will present the designs and proposal drawn up by the workshop to the city and to those responsible for Maredolce, a place that still retains the specific features of a Norman age, medieval garden, with its vegetable patches and orchards, the palazzo and the remains of the ancient water system, including the large artificial basin that is no longer there.

The event will be held in Palermo on Thursday, November 30 at 5pm in the prestigious venue of the Botanical Garden, offered by the Museum Network of the University of Palermo. It will be attended by the director of the Foundation, Marco Tamaro; the Superintendent for Cultural and Environmental Assets of Palermo, Maria Elena Volpes; the director of the Botanical Garden, Rosario Schicchi; and Giuseppe Barbera (University of Palermo), the workshop’s coordinator jointly with Simonetta Zanon (Fondazione Benetton). The Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando is invited.