Animals, gardens, landscapes

International Landscape Study Days 2018, fourteenth edition

This year, the Study days promote a reflection on the relationship between animals and landscape, specifically on the role animals have always played in designing and caring for landscape and on their significance, either seen as allies or enemies.



Thursday 15th February 2018

> 10am-1.30pm Introduction to the study days, Luigi Latini and Simonetta Zanon

Animals in man’s gardens, coordinated by José Tito Rojo

Feathers, hairs and scales: animals in the gardens between myths and curiosities, Monique Mosser

Between environment and landscape. The place of animals and garden visions in Chantilly at the time of Le Nôtre, Serge Briffaud

Profit and pleasure: animals in the villa in Italy from antiquity to the Nineteenth century, Margherita Azzi Visentini

> 3-5.30pm Animals on stage, coordinated by Joan Nogué

The Scenography of Wilderness, Christina May

The zoo as the theatre of the living, Jean Estebanez

Theming the zoo. The zoo as a themed landscape, Jan-Erik Steinkrüger

Beyond the “custom”. Contemporary Art and Animal Scene, Federico L. Silvestre

> 6pm The second life. A look at the life of animals

an event with director Davide Gambino, hosted by Giuseppe Barbera


Friday 16th February 2018

Animals in the built landscape, coordinated by Luigi Latini and Simonetta Zanon


“Who Milks the Cows at Maesgwyn?” Attitudes and affective relationships with animals in the UK rural landscape, Owain Jones

Interactions between animals and men in urbanised settings, Gabriele Bovo

Urban beekeeping, Mauro Veca

The sheep look and the ecological mower. Collective herds in the city, Pauline Frileux

> 3-5.30pm

Houses for animals, Andrea Ghisoni

From gardener’s enemies to friends, Hervé Brunon

The Landscape of Man (and his animals), Dirk Sijmons

> 6pm The dog’s tail and the hermit crab’s strategy

Gilles Clément, hosted by Monique Mosser



Margherita Azzi Visentini, Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere e Arti, già Politecnico di Milano

Gabriele Bovo, Città Metropolitana di Torino, Servizio Pianificazione e Gestione Rete Ecologica

Serge Briffaud, École nationale supérieure d’architecture et de paysage de Bordeaux

Hervé Brunon, Centre André Chastel, Paris

Gilles Clément, paesaggista, Parigi

Jean Estebanez, Université Paris-Est Créteil, Département de Géographie, Lab’Urba

Pauline Frileux, École nationale supérieure de paysage de Versailles, Larep

Davide Gambino, regista, Palermo-Bruxelles

Andrea Ghisoni, dottore in architettura, Milano

Owain Jones, Bath Spa University, College of Liberal Arts

Christina May, Kunstmuseum, Ahrenshoop

Monique Mosser, École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Versailles, Centre André Chastel, Paris (Honoraria)

Dirk Sijmons, professore emerito di architettura del paesaggio TU-Delft, H+N+S Landscape Architects

Federico L. Silvestre, Università di Santiago de Compostela, Dipartimento di Storia dell’Arte

Jan-Erik Steinkrüger, Università di Bonn, Dipartimento di Geografia

Mauro Veca, apicoltore urbano, ilmielediElia, Milano


working sessions coordination

Giuseppe Barbera, Università di Palermo

Luigi Latini, Università Iuav, Venezia

Monique Mosser, École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Versailles, Centre André Chastel, Paris (Honoraria)

Joan Nogué, Università di Girona

José Tito Rojo, Università di Granada

Simonetta Zanon, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche