Paolo Furlanetto collection

Paolo Furlanetto was born in Treviso on 3 January 1951. He earned a degree in urban planning in 1979 at the University Institute of Architecture of Venice. Since 1980 he has worked as a freelance urban planner with his own Urban Planning & Architecture firm in Treviso. He has conducted analysis and design projects and studies for local, general, implementation and environmental urban planning, in addition to consultancy on urban planning, construction, infrastructures, surveying and other specialist services connected to the preparation of urban, territorial and environmental plans. He took part in preparing and testing the regional marks and symbols for the urban planning tools of the Veneto Region, in conducting research in the field of urban and territorial analysis and planning. He took part in and organised conventions, studies and enrichment and refresher courses on urban planning, territory, environment and landscape, on territorial, urban, landscape plans and city and landscape development programmes as well as the relevant management, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. He is an expert in real estate, urban planning and environmental consulting and in civil and rural surveying. Licensed at the professional association of Architects, planners, landscape designers and conservators of the Province of Treviso, at the national Association of Urban Planners, he is also a member of the National Institute of Urban Planning and local building and landscape commissions, councillor of the Treviso Division of Italia Nostra, and technical consultant for the Court of Treviso.


Contents of the collection

The collection contains the original B Sheets relative to the buildings of historical and environmental interest located in the territory of Treviso, prepared between 1992 and 1993 by urban planner Paolo Furlanetto when analyses were conducted for the revision of the General zoning plan, concluded in 1994. It also includes preparatory materials, B sheets, D sheets and E sheets relative to the General zoning plans (or variations thereof) of the municipalities of Breda di Piave, Caerano di San Marco, Carbonera, Istrana, Loria, Maserada sul Piave, Moriago della Battaglia, Paese and Ponzano Veneto, produced between the 80s and 2001. There is also a rich iconographic apparatus (photographs, slides, negatives) pertaining to the same Municipalities and other currently unidentified locations.


Research instruments

Electronic format inventory which may be browsed at the archive of the Foundation and on the Archivi del Novecento website (, update 2010).


Accessibility conditions

The collection may be browsed according to the methods set forth in the archive regulations.


Method of acquisition

Gift from Paolo Furlanetto in 2010