Collection of the National Association of Contemporary Engravers

The National Association of Contemporary Engravers was established in February 2013 to foster knowledge and interest in engraving at a national and international level. It aims at popularising, promoting and developing engraving in Italy by holding educational, exhibition and publishing activities, promoting agreements with scientific, cultural and educational bodies, both in Italy and abroad


Content of the collection

Collection of 33 original landscape engravings from exhibitions held by the Association in partnership with Fondazione Benetton’s Nature in folio. Landscapes and visions in contemporary engraving (2016) and LandscapeModern and contemporary engraving through views and poetry (2017). 

These are mainly images of landscapes, places, nature, environments observed, experienced and interpreted in signs and shapes by artists with different geographical origins and artistic sensitivities. The artists represented are: Debora Antonello, Gabriele Berretta, Sandro Bracchitta, Paolo Ciampini, Dario Delpin, Graziella Da Gioz, Giovanni Dettori, Gino Di Pieri, Fernando Di Stefano, Gianni Favaro, Paola Ginepri, Mario Guadagnino, Lanfranco Lanari, Stefano Luciano, Raffaello Margheri, Silvana Martignoni, Bruno Missieri, Bonizza Modolo, Ivo Mosele, Guido Navaretti, Luciana Nespeca, Claudio Olivotto, Maria Antonietta Onida, Maristella Pau, Olivia Pegoraro, Daniela Savini, Gianfranco Schialvino, Francesco Sciaccaluga, Gianni Verna, Elisabetta Viarengo Miniotti, Marina Ziggiotti.


Research instruments

The data sheets and (low resolution) images of the individual engravings are available in the library’s catalogue.


Accessibility conditions

May be browsed on request in the library.


Methods of acquisition

Gifted in 2016 and 2017.