Piazze e pianure che son tutte un giardino

public event
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Palermo, Teatro Bellini

The Foundation returns to Palermo with the event Piazze e pianure che son tutte un giardino [Squares and lowlands that are all gardens] (Ibn Jubayr, 12thcentury), dedicated to the transformations of the Maredolce Castle, a magical place in the city, forgotten for decades, and revived thanks to the work by the Superintendence for Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Palermo, supported by the Foundation with the Carlo Scarpa Award granted in 2015 and the Maredolce – La FavaraA new landscape in Brancaccio design workshop, held the following year.

The evolution of Maredolce, its advocated future inclusion in the Arab-Norman path that is already in the UNESCO list – also in relation to the events of other sites such as the Royal Palace, the villa of Naples and Zisa – will be discussed in a place that is equally symbolic of the city of Palermo’s desire to regain possession of its cultural heritage: the historic Bellini Theatre, overlooking the small square behind the Town Hall, closed for decades and now revived by the Terradamare cooperative, already a key player in the rebirth of the Ballarò district.


Speakers: Giuseppe Barbera, University of Palermo; Lina Bellanca, Regional Superintendent; Luciano Maria D’Angelo, ATS Maredolce Verde; Stefano Vassallo, A. Salinas Archaeological Museum; Maria Andaloro, Tuscia University; Michele Buffa, Regional Landscape Observatory; Aurelio Angelini, Unesco Sicily Heritage Foundation. Conclusions by the mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando. The meeting will be moderated by Marco Tamaro, Benetton Foundation.